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Re: user private groups and a src group

Remy.Card@masi.ibp.fr writes in part
>         BTW, it seems to me that this thread gives me the opportunity to
> suggest the changes in the default behavior for directory semantics.  As I
> said before in this list, I am willing to change the ext2fs default behavior
> to use BSD semantics and implement it in other filesystems.  I will contact
> other filesystem developers to check if they have objections and then I will
> send a proposal on the KERNEL channel.

Well I can agree to this at least!

However, in general, I'm suffering a bit of mail fatigue
on this issue.  I'm still convinced that the proposal
is an excellent one, and to introduce it would do no harm
and a lot of good.

But also it is no good half-introducing it.  If we don't make it
the default (no questions at install time), I say don't bother
at all; at least not the next release of debian.

	-Matt Hannigan

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