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Re: Guidelines

On Thu, 24 Mar 1994, Davor Cubranic wrote:

> Why not use joe instead of pico as a 'user-friendly' editor?  It
> is similar to wordstar/Borland editors, so I'd imagine a lot of
> people migrating from DOS world would be familiar with it.  It
> is a little bit bigger than pico, but not much, about 60K on
> our RS6000 station (I'm not sure what the exact sizes are on
> linux, but I'd guess the relation is similar).

Pico has a two line on screen menu all the time, has single character 
commands, and a pico compatible editor is built into pine, a friendly 
easy to use, yet powerful mail user agent. I intend to bundle imapd and 
PC-pine, allowing client-server mail connections from a TCP/IP connected 
DOS PC. What do people think? I think that it should be a second optional 

joe is a more powerful editor, but isn't intuitive. pico is based on 
microemacs, so the key strokes learnt are a stepping stone to emacs, if 
the user chooses to go that way.

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