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Re: The X11 package for Debian (long)

> Leading # means that this package should be there, but is IMHO not 
> placed rightly in the X11 packages. Mostly a more proper location
> is pointed out.
> Leading R means that I think of this part as required to run X11.
> - XFree86 category:
>       complete XFree86 2.1 distribution (I would like to have it like 
>       this, nothing added, nothing left out) without servers and LinkKit.

Mmmm, but a lot of it is cruft; personally I'd repackage the useless things in
/usr/X386/bin in a different .deb to the rest of the default /usr/X386/bin.
By 'useless' I mean things like xgas, puzzle, maze...

xbin.deb and xdemo.deb perhaps?

> ?       Is there need for other wm choices (besides olvwm that comes with the
> ?       xview contrib package)? I can provide ctwm, piewm and gwm as well,
> ?       but do not like them as well.

Put twm in because it's the 'standard'. Include vtwm as a lot of people use
this or tvtwm, and the two are so similar that users of the latter can switch
to the former easily. (vwtm seems to be better maintained, and has a real root

> - X11 developer category :
> ?     Do we want to keep the shared and the static/stub libraries in one 
> ?     package or do we want to split them up and put the static/stubs into 
> ?     this category? I want to be able to compile anything I can run on the 
> ?     system by myself without installing a second package, but it takes
> ?     a lot of disk space to have the static/stubs and headers around.

I got bitten by this today. I had moved all the static libs off the hard disk
on the theory I never linked anything statically so there was little point.
Then when I tried to debug an X program I am writing, I suddenly realised -g
implies -static :)

Since 'developer' kind of implies you might want -g, I'd say yes include the
static libs.

> - tinyX (requires XFree86 & Xservers) category:
>      package for X11 on systems with small memory.

Surely it would be better to package the above in such a way that you can
essentially recreate TinyX by what you choose to download? (Hence my comments
about the junk in /usr/X386/bin

>      - xv 3.00a patched for gzip (this is Shareware and should therefore
>        perhaps go into the contrib package, though it is very useful).
>        inluded some demo pictures (logos in different formats, Linus GIFs)
>        (requires gs with pbmraw support)

You could always ask John Bradley for consent to make sure... from reading the
licensing file that might be a good idea. If not you'll have to include xv 2.21

> - X11 connectivity:

xmosaic static binaries?

>      - aXe 6.1
> ?        are there other editors needed? I use emacs only, so I couldn't 
> ?        know...

Xcoral is a bloody good code editor... I intend to compile it anyway so I can
supply the bins if you like (-m386 though :P)

Zack Evans        pyc081@cent1.lancs.ac.uk or zevans@nyx.cs.du.edu (Internet)
                  pyc081@uk.ac.lancs.cent1                         (JANET)

Watch yer bass bins lads, I'm tellin' yer...

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