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Ian Jackson writes:
 IJ> False.  Quite a lot of activity happens in /tmp and /usr/tmp,
 IJ> on my system at least.
This is a non-argument. It is completely irrelevant to the issue. The entire
purpose of the uid=gid argument is so people can share files with each other
_within their own (or project) directories_.
Waving a magic wand in the direction of /tmp is merely a trickery of
misdirection. It is not a valid argument, because it is not _relevant_.
Are project directories kept in /tmp? Are user directories kept in /tmp?
Why is there a continuing requirement to have SysV semantics within /tmp and
/usr/tmp? Can you explain how BSD managed all these years if SysV semantics are
such a requirement for /tmp?
The fact remains that uid=gid is merely a disguised BSD filing system.
Users will have their files under BSD semantics, and they will be sharing their
files under BSD semantics. There is no avoiding this realisation.
 SW> It's so much easier to just mount the drive with bsd semantics
 IJ> The reason not to do this has been explained by Matthew Hannigan
 IJ> and myself in considerable detail.  You have not refuted our
 IJ> arguments.
Incorrect. The one argument against mounting with BSD consituted of "What
happens if the admin sees the parameter in fstab and removes it?".
This is weaker than the weakest argument against your proposal.
It is _you_ who have not refuted my argument. I will ask the basic question
Why is it so important to keep SysV semantics in relatively inactive parts of
the filing system?
To aid your comprehension, I will summarise and repeat.
uid=gid is so users can share access to files in each other's directories.
(note: /tmp and /usr/tmp are irrelevant). As this is the major activity of an
interactive system, it makes the system essentially BSD anyway.
Can you present any _valid_, _non-religious_, arguments showing why SysV
semantics need to be retained in other parts of the filing system?
Can you explain why the more complicated solution of setgid directories is
superior to mounting with BSD? Can you demonstrate where there are benefits to
setgid that BSD mounting wouldn't have, that makes it worth having a more
complicated filing system?
It would be more constructive if you refrained from the grandstanding arrogance
that your last message showed. There is no co-operativeness or good feeling to
be gained by sneering at the valid concerns of other people.
(As the obvious antagonism in my message will demonstrate)

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