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Re: user private groups and a src group

Brad wrote:

>...I have
>been reading with amusement for the last several days.  I don't
>usually post my opinion on such things because I find that good sense
>seems to prevail in the end....

My sentiments exactly, Brad.

>Any user confusion which may result should easily be handled by
>documenting in ALL the appropriate man pages (perhaps by brief
>references) what the behavior is and why.

Rest assured, that if this sort of change is implemented into Debian, the
documentation will be there (pending someone - how about Mr. Ian
Jackson?) takes on the responsibility.  This is a must-have, without any
doubt, document (or documents, as the case seems to be).

>Rather than "I fear change" postings I would rather see this proposal
>discussed on its technical merits by people who have tried it or
>at least understand it and have thought it through.

..which is what I think is happening here (for the most part).  This
post by Brad is something of a model, I believe.  It is not flammatory,
gives concise, specific example(s), is not overly debian.god-ish....
Please, all of you, take note of this style.  I feel this could get much
more done than some other forms that have been appearing around the list

And maybe the whole thread should be moved to devel?

Mike D.
mdickey@thorplus.lib.purdue.edu        Use Debian Linux

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