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Re: uid=gid argument

Matthew Birkholz birkholz@martigny.ai.mit.edu writes in part:
bruce@beagle.pixar.com writes in part:
> > I'd like to call time on the uid=gid argument

> ... after a gazillion non-arguments against it, I'm afraid to
> see the proposal defeated by "proof by repetition"

Me too, although there a been a few good points/queries from the
"other side", including Carl Powers, Remy Card and Paul Vojta.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to scratch myself I've been so busy,
and I haven't had the time to give a response to give justice to them.
(Particularly as I'm on a 2400bps link at the moment! :-o)

However I'll give some time to this discussion on the weekend.

Let's keep (intelligent!) discussion going.

	-Matt Hannigan

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