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More bugs in 0.91 ...

   Date: Tue, 1 Mar 94 04:58 PST
   From: iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk (Ian Jackson)

   Yet more I'm afraid ...

Don't be.  This gives me a chance to fix as much as possible before I
release 0.92.

   * `su' should not be aliased in /etc/profile.  Firstly, the profile is
   the wrong place (aliases are not exported) and secondly `su' should be
   just vanilla `su' by default.

Yes, this was a terrible kludge to deal with the fact that GNU su
refused to set the PATH correctly when su'ing from a normal account to
root (the end result was a root session without /sbin, etc.).  I have
since gone into the source and made the appropriate changes to allow
for proper behavior without the need for such a kludge; "vanilla" su
should now act very much as expected.

BTW, the horrid arrangement of /etc/profile, etc. with all of that
source'ing is now fixed.  Sorry about that.

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