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Private groups & umask 002 proposal

   Date: Thu, 24 Mar 94 13:55 PST
   From: "H. Peter Anvin N9ITP" <hpa@ahab.eecs.nwu.edu>


Oy.  Why do I have to explain this?

   In the environment I work in, we have a policy which can be summarized
   like this:

   a) Other people in your working group can read, but not write, your
   work files;

You say "working group"; I say "project".  Is there a difference?

Your default is read-only; mine is read-write.  Now, _that_ is a simple
change.  Getting the "working group" directories created as such is the
hard part.

With common cause like that, why aren't you _with_ us, brother?

   Hence there is *no way* such a policy can be implemented; it is
   not possible to separate the people with read access from the ones
   with no access.

There would be a problem if you needed to specify two groups of people with
differing access requirements.  You've specified one.  A umask of 026 is
what you want.  Stick it in /etc/profile and /etc/csh.login.

   This is a serious omission.

If it is, you need to explain some more.

Matthew Birkholz

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