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"noname" blowout (fwd) 2.0 kernels - new alpha-patches :( Re: :( (about alphaev*) Re: :( (egcs tests) :) Re: Automatic compilation: results Booting from hard disk Busy! Debian on DEC 3000 Dec ALPHA Multia for sale Re: EGCS 1.0 is out egcs kernel success egcs test results (contd) egcs testing -- g++ tests optimistic egcs testing -- g77 test GREAT! egcs testing -- gcc test results felt uploaded -- please test forwarded message from Dirk Eddelbuettel FYI - re: DU libraries Good news! Graphic card for an alpha Hiafa-enabled egcs test results Install-from-scratch procedure. is Debian Alpha ready? Is this do-able? Kernel 2.1.68 and above lesstif packaging error? Libc6 2.0.5c has a leak in inet_ntoa (fwd) Linux on AlphaServer 800 milo and vmlinux.gz ncurses3.4 missing New dpkg- uploaded New egcs (1.0-1) uploaded to master (experimental) (fwd) New gcc for testing... New glibc, please test... Re: new library and compiler New ppp -- test please pgp on the alpha broken? Problem with 2.1.43 kernel qqq raidtools-pre3-0.42 compile problem route problems... Re: Trying out automatically built packages? UDB installation report Re: where are the archives? Whoops.. DEC Alpha boards? why aren't these packages in the alpha distribution? wu-ftpd The last update was on 01:16 GMT Thu Jun 20. There are 113 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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