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"noname" blowout (fwd)

Here's the offer....

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Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 19:35:11 -0700
From: "Maurice W. Hilarius" <harddata@bigfoot.com>
Subject: "noname" blowout
Resent-From: axp-list@redhat.com

We have a number of AXPpci33 / 233MHz Motherboards and CPUs to sell off.
This is the last of the 233/266 nonames, and, quite frankly we are done
building nonames.
Having built and sent out over 200 of the beasties in the last 9 months,
it's been fun. But, we're very busy, don't make very much on these, and
have decided it is time to stick to the newer stuff. Oh , it is also
inventory time!

So, "Year-End Madness":

Digital EBP22-CA : AXPpci33 motherboard, 266MHz CPU, onboard 53c810
Symbios/NCR SCSI, onboard IDE, 2 x 16550 serial, 1 parallel port. Has PS/2
connectors/ports for mouse and keyboard, and fits in most PC-AT style
cases. Needs at least a 225W power supply.
All include 1 year Digital warranty, manual, firmware CD-ROM, and the first
5 get a shrink-wrapped copy of Red Hat 4.2 Alpha thrown in.

All brand new and in the original DEC static bag, factory sealed.
For only $200 U.S. each.

See below for contact details.

Seasons Greetings,

Maurice W. Hilarius
President, Hard Data Ltd.		Telephone: 01-403-456-1510
11060 - 166 Avenue			email:harddata@bigfoot.com
Edmonton, AB, Canada  - T5X 1Y3

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