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Re: EGCS 1.0 is out

On Thursday,  4 Dec, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> What options did you pass to configure when building egcs?  I'm just
> curious so we have a similar installation.  Plus, I've never needed a
> second compiler on the same machine, so I'm wondering how everything will
> work out :)

Surprisingly, it works out pretty well by default.  I use configure
--enable-shared --enable-threads.  The stuff gets installed under
/usr/local.  After that, /usr/local/bin/gcc is egcs which knows where to
find all its stuff, including libstdc++.  /usr/bin/gcc is the old gcc,
which seems to be unaffected by egcs installation.

Normally you can just use different PATH settings (with or without
/usr/local/bin) to control which compiler is to be used during package
(or kernel, or whatever else) build.

By the way, the installation instructions have also been released:
http://www.cygnus.com/egcs/install/ .

> Yeah, that's what I thought.  I plan on just playing with it mostly and
> compiling straight C stuff (normal packages) to see if the optimisation is
> improved and some other things.  I also want to test the Fortran support
> more (I plan on going for the gusto and trying to compile octave with it).

Good.  I did not touch Fortran at all.


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