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Re: EGCS 1.0 is out

On Thursday,  4 Dec, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> Have you built a kernel with it yet?  I noticed in the FAQ that it has
> some blurb about potential kernel-building problems, but I hadn't heard of
> any such problems from the people I know that already use it.

I tried only once (2.0.30 + patches) and failed ("virtual memory
exhausted" during compile).  The snapshot was rather old, though
(somewhere from the beginning of November).

> Admittedly, know about as much about Fortran these days as I do
> about..well...other stuff I don't know much about  :P  I used to write in
> Fortran years ago, so I could probably at least figure some things out if
> I run into them.  Hopefully, though, I shouldn't have too many problems :)

Fortran IV was my first programming language (old good days...).  F77
seems to be quite different, though compatible.  I hope you won't have
problems with it...

Huh, it's funny to see what a thread has evolved from one mistakenly
posted message.  :-)


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