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is Debian Alpha ready?


	I am the system administrator for our UN*X machines
here at the Department of Physics of the Faculty for Math
and Physics at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The department wishes to purchase a couple alphas for
computational work. As I am a Debian fan and some Linux PC
workstations here run Debian, I would also want the new alphas
to run Debian, the only alternative being Red Hat. I never 
used Red Hat, so it would save me some work if I could install
and take care of a familiar system. Besides, if these workstations
would prove to be a success, I am sure the department would
by more.

I know Debian-alpha is still in development, so I don't
expect a flawlessly running system. I also wouldn't mind some
hard work when installing and maintaining the system. But I do 
require a more or less
usable system for the researchers for whom the system is being

So here is my question: Is Debian-alpha ready for use in an
environment like this, taking into account that the administrator
is familiar with Linux and Debian in particular?

All of the most important development
packages seem to be available. The only utility that seems
to be missing is autofs. I will need some kind of automounter.

I would also expect some help from this list while installing and in 
return I could serve as a tester for Debian-alpha.


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