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Re: is Debian Alpha ready?

In article <_2E1UTC.A.oRD._FAk0_@debian> you wrote:

: So here is my question: Is Debian-alpha ready for use in an
: environment like this, taking into account that the administrator
: is familiar with Linux and Debian in particular?

I think you'd be fine.  There are lots of issues still being worked on, but
what we have works pretty well.  As an example, last night I rebooted my UDB
after over 66 days of uptime, and only then because I was testing a new build
of the e2fs tools.  I don't use the system very heavily, but it gets wiggled
enough that I think this represents a fair degree of stability.

: I would also expect some help from this list while installing and in 
: return I could serve as a tester for Debian-alpha.

Hey, no problem.  We're pleased at this point to have additional users try
things out, particularly ones who are knowledgeable and not afraid to deal
with some "speed bumps" along the way.  We'll do what we can to help.


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