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Re: EGCS 1.0 is out

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, Nikita Schmidt wrote:

> I tried only once (2.0.30 + patches) and failed ("virtual memory
> exhausted" during compile).  The snapshot was rather old, though
> (somewhere from the beginning of November).

I'll try it here after this is done.  I just got the snapshot of dejagnu
that they require for the testsuites to work properly, so that'll be
another bit of time to compile :)  I may run the kernel compile first
before the tests, but we'll see.

> Fortran IV was my first programming language (old good days...).  F77
> seems to be quite different, though compatible.  I hope you won't have
> problems with it...

I shouldn't.  I may even still have a book or two laying around.  With all
of the interest in F77 and F90 that I've seen lately, I may just go ahead
an relearn the language.  No matter what, I'll keep the list posted on how
egcs works on the Fortran stuff.  If anything, we may be able to get a
HUGE jump on RedHat with this (their g77 and f2c are still lackluster
according to the AXP list).

Out of curiosity, what are the chances of us being able to totally convert
over to egcs before the 2.0 release?  I think we can probably do it now
that we have a few faster Alphas out there to compile packages on.  If
things work out as well as this compiler has been touted, then I suspect
that we may benefit from a change.  I know this would probably be
controversial "upstairs" in the Debian hierarchy, but I think it would be
an interesting thought at the very least.

> Huh, it's funny to see what a thread has evolved from one mistakenly
> posted message.  :-)

It is kinda neat :)  But I'm glad it got cross-posted since I haven't
checked on egcs in a month and wasn't aware of the release.


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