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Re: Debian on DEC 3000


  jk> My situation is a bit difficult. I have DEC 3000 station WITHOUT
  jk> any input devices, the only connection to the outer world is
  jk> network card.
  jk> [The disk] is now empty and partitioned only.

cc> Without an existing OS, it's really tough since the ethernet card
cc> isn't easily configured (especially without a keyboard, etc). If
cc> you can at least get it to boot and talk to the net, then you
cc> could always rsh or even NFS-mount the drive and finish from
cc> there.
cc> Anyone else have a better idea?


Put the disk back into the DEC 3000.
Attach a Terminal to the first serial port.
Add an external SCSI CDROM.

Boot into the monitor. (The SRC Console works with a vt200.)
Now you can boot the OS from CD.
(you may have to write the CD yourself to get an apropriate kernel
 onto the CD.)
If you can't write CDs, you can connect to ethernet, and try to boot
the OS image with tftp. 
Or you can write the CD image to a partition on an empty external scsi
disk, connect it to the DEC 3000, and mount it like you would have
mounted a CD.

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