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Re: Problem with 2.1.43 kernel

Christopher C Chimelis writes:
 > I've heard of this with older MILO's before, so you may want to upgrade,
 > BUT don't use a 2.1 MILO yet.  I've heard really bad things that way and
 > have personally stuck to my 2.0.30 version of MILO for quite some time
 > now.

 I tried 2.0.30 and pre2.0.31 .. no success

 I couldn't compile a 2.1 milo version ( header file problems )

 I am able to boot 2.1.13 to a certain degree though, but slowly I'm
 getting tired of compiling every kernel that's available ....

 > If that's not the issue, then I'm alot more stumped :)

 Is anybody out there with a PC164 and working 2.1.?? kernels.
 Anyway, I think I have too look at Redhat's ... 


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