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Re: Automatic compilation: results

On 2 Dec 1997, James Troup wrote:

> Oh, this was the first time I posted it to the list, sorry.  I had
> mentioned it to Mike months ago (I think), but hadn't announced it on
> the list, because I didn't want to do too much self-publication, as it
> were, or something.

DOH!  Hehehe...No wonder I missed it :P  And as far as
self-publication...if you're good, you're good....at least that's my
belief.  Hehehe.

> An alpha person might want to check the list of arch-specific excluded
> packages, I already got one package on that list wrong (mpg123, as
> Nikita discovered).

I've already started doing that.  I don't know all of the nuances, but I
already have made notes on a few to double-check.  I'll get back to you
with my findings (if someone doesn't beat me to it).


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