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Install-from-scratch procedure.

It never fails -- I was about to document and test a procedure for installing
Debian/Alpha from scratch on a UDB, and I got a month long illness, and when
that ended my company moved to a new office.  Then I had to do some emergency
consulting for a client in New York (as a result, they now have a Debian Linux
box in house...). I'm just now getting free time again (unless something
critical happens tomorow morning). 

Anyway, this weekend I'll be doing a whole fresh from scratch install from a
documented procedure.  Then I'll throw the procedure up on my web site for
comments, and get down to the work of actually contributing.

In two weeks my Alpha may be on a T1, and then I'll look at that chroot-ish
package someone mentioned so I can give out accounts to random developers.

Incidentally, my boss has started dinking around with Linux PPC on his
PowerMac clone.  Is there any word on a Debian/PPC project?

Doug DeJulio                         | mailto:ddj@aisb.org
Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria | http://www.aisb.org/~ddj/

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