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FYI - re: DU libraries

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Date: Fri, 05 Dec 97 07:48:10 -0500
From: "Jon 'maddog' Hall, USG Senior Leader" <hall@zk3.dec.com>
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Subject: Re: DU binaries on linux 
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Hugo (et. al.),

I sent this today to the Vice President in charge of our Unix group.  We will
see what happens.  I believe this proposal would cover your needs.

BTW, for those of you who have seen and appreciated my calm, cool messages
on this list (some of which I have to take several days to write) you can
now see how I talk to Vice Presidents.  THIS is why they call me "maddog".

I would appreciate it, by the way, if this were *not* re-posted.


I have suggested the idea of a "non-commercial" Digital Unix license to
various parts of product management and to Dave Pushee several times, and
the answer always comes back "gee, kind of an interesting concept", but then
if falls through the cracks and nothing ever comes of it.

Then OpenVMS creates one, and offers it at the last DECUS.  AUGHHHHHHHHH!!!

This is #$@%^$#@&* stupid.  *Unix* is supposed to be the "Open" system.  *Unix*
is supposed to be the OS used in schools, by students, etc.

Time after time I have had Alpha Linux people come to me and say:

	"Gee, I bought the Alpha, and it is cool with Linux on it,
	 but can I get Digital Unix to put on it too?  I would like
	 to try it out."

Then I tell them they have to pay as much as a motorcycle to get the
license.......and another motorcycle to get the distribution!!

The Alpha Linux people that HAVE tried Digital Unix (and can afford it) often
switch to DU because of the application availability, or because they
recognize that it is a freaking fine operating system (e.g. the Mindspring
letter).  But they have to *try* it first, and the $1900. entry point ($1200.
for the license and $700. for the distribution) is enough to deter that.

Sun has a "student license".  SCO has one.  Now OpenVMS has one.

No, CSLG does not cover this.  It is too hard to apply for, does not cover
clones, does not cover student machines, does not cover hobbyists.

I would like to see a "one-time" license, associated with an inexpensive
distribution.  You buy the CD-ROM and you get the right to run Digital Unix
on one machine.  The cost of the package:

	o Installation Manual
	o CD-ROM set (BASE CD and Documentation CD)
	o Two-user PAK

would also cover the royalties that are due to our royalty stream.  I would
like to see the entire package under $100.

It would have no warranty, nor could you buy service for it.  It would be "as
is".  Only promoted and orderable through the web (low cost of sales).

Or, let's take a look at what OpenVMS has done and mimic that.

For heaven's sake, lets *DO* something.


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