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Graphic card for an alpha


Thanks for the generous response to my preveous questions. Now
I am actualy starting with the process of purchasing an alpha. Here
I have an offer for a 21164EV56 @ 500MHz with a RPX164-2 
motherbord. Will this work with Linux? The motherboard contains
a Symbios Logic 33C875 (?) SCSI controller and a DIgital 21143
ethernet. There are also PCI slots for the graphics adaptor. They
offered me a graphics card that costs $2500. That is way too much,
since I need only modest graphics capabilities. Is it possible to get
a graphics card for about $250, for example one of the ATI Mach
cards, that would still allow me to run X. I'd rather spend that money
on extra RAM. I am planning on getting 256 Megs of that stuff.

Can you guys please share your experiences with the alpha
hardware that runs (or does'nt) with Linux. Thanks.


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