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Re: Trying out automatically built packages?

Lars Wirzenius <liw@mail.cs.hut.fi> writes:
> I've uploaded info 3.9-5 to beezer (and now I notice that
> there's a 3.9-5.1 .deb somewhere, oh well).  If someone
> could test that (see that the libs it uses are correct, and
> so on), I'd be _very_ grateful. If that one seems OK, I'll
> start uploading things to master instead, as soon as my
> queries about PGP keys are answered.

It seems OK to me, given a cursory overview---mind you, I'm allergic
to the standalone info browser, but it didn't core dump or anything.

> I'm already on the Debian developer PGP keyring (I maintain
> the PGP package, as it happens :),

<glyph of Groucho Marx waggling eyebrows> So when're we getting 5.0?


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