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Re: 2.0 kernels - new alpha-patches

On Saturday,  6 Dec, Nikhil Nair wrote:
> Hi,
> Nikita, have you seen Jay's announcement on axp-list of alpha-patches-0.4?
> He claims to have incorporated the RTC, ap02-fixes and sound patches.

Good news.  I've taken a quick look, all patches that we used in our
kernels seem to be in there.

> Does this mean that we've merged with the main tree, or are there still
> glibc header file issues?

Well, if the official kernel source plus the official alpha patches is
what we call the main tree, then I tend to say yes, we have.  There are
still some suspicious header files, but I hope it's OK.  Some time ago
in response to my suggestion to get rid of glibc1 header workarounds and
incorporate ap02-fixes Jay said he would wait for RH 5.0.  I think Jay
has taken measures to ensure that this release of alpha-patches is

Unfortunately I feel a bit lazy to check this in practice...


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