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Re: egcs test results (contd)

On Sat, 6 Dec 1997, Nikhil Nair wrote:

> With no options to configure, I get identical results to you.  With
> --enable-shared (with or without --enable-threads - I've tried both) I get
> the much higher number of unexpected failures for g++, as your results
> showed.  The rest looks OK.
> So, it looks like --enable-shared is messing up g++ somehow.  I haven't
> looked into this in detail ...

Just out of curiosity, since the menu package that you compiled is linked
to the egcs libstd++ library and, therefore, not really usable without
it, could you make a static version of the package for now?  I think it
would allow the package to be included in the mainstream and would also
allow those without libstd++ to use it....

Just a thought...


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