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Re: new library and compiler

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, Richard Henderson wrote:

> This has no effect except on the Objective C runtime.

That's what I figured.

> > but --enable-shared caused a large amount of failures on the
> > Alphas we've tested them on (two UDBs and a PC164).
> If you enable this, you must provide LD_LIBRARY_PATH to make check.
> There are no additional failures otherwise.

Ah, ok.  I'll have to do this and retry.  I'll also repost this on the
debian-alpha list since I don't think anyone's doing that during testing

> > Also, enabling the
> > new Haifa instruction scheduler caused at least one of the egcs
> > compilations to be totally unexecutable
> Could you provide a test example of this?  While Haifa is not (yet)
> enabled by default, it (is claimed to ) work and should produce better
> results at least on ev5.  I don't know that I've got the ev4 tuned
> properly.

I did have a very good example, but it took me a day to complete the whole
build process and, since it didn't work and I have little disk space, I
dumped it in favour of a non-Haifa-enabled build.  Also, I'm running a
UDB, so....  I haven't heard the results of the second test on the PC164


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