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Re: New gcc for testing...

Roberto Lumbreras <rover@lander.es> writes:
> Without "-O2" (ie -O1 or without -Ox at all) it works "fine?" :)

Known problem with that file.  Something in the optimization screws it

> I'm using libc6.1_2.0.6-0.2 (compiled by me using sources from
> ftp://ftp.ods.com/pub/linux/)

Hum.  I got an error in sysdeps/stub/bsd-setjmp.c.  Would you like to
share your solution and/or your binaries?

> The "offending" program is cdbmake_add.c from tcpserver-0.50 by Dan
> Bernstein, available at ftp://koobera.math.uic.edu/pub/software/

Yep, been there, done that, I don't know what it is about the file,
but it's in qmail to, and causes similar problems.

Maybe your system is fast enough that you could reasonably recompile
glibc with it?  That would seem to be a good test that the prior gcc
was able to make it through.


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