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Re: :( (about alphaev*)

On Friday,  5 Dec, Nikhil Nair wrote:
> BTW, config.guess on my machine reports `alphaev5-unknown-linux-gnu'.  I'd
> be interested to know what different alpha*-unknown-linux-gnu platforms
> there are, and what the compiler does differently for them ...

Ev5 is 21164/21164A, its main difference from ev4 (21066[A], 21064[A] -
alpha-*) from the code generation point of view is quadruple instruction
issue as opposed to dual issue, which makes instruction scheduling
(an optimisation pass that reorders instructions to improve pipeline
performance and take advantage of multiple issue) slightly different.
There are some other internal structure differences that affect the
scheduling.  Code compiled for ev5 should work on ev4.

Ev56 is basically same as ev5, except that it features new instructions,
word and byte load/stores.  Thus the code compiled for ev56 won't work on

There are other variations which I don't know much about; some of them
include multimedia instruction set extension, which is not supported by
gcc/egcs to the best of my knowledge.


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