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Re: why aren't these packages in the alpha distribution?

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Carlos Carvalho wrote:

> I'm thinking of converting our server to an alpha, and checked whether
> the packages we use are available on the alpha. I came up with these
> missing:

Yeah, we still have quite a few missing.  If you want to convert soon, I
can start compiling most of these very soon.  I don't really have too much
of a "priority" list anymore, so if someone wants to give me an excuse to
make one up, I will :)

The only problem we have right now is the g77 and f2c stuff.  I don't know
about f2c (haven't tried), but g77 is a nightmare right now.  Right now,
our gcc is pretty patchy and getting ahold of all of the patches is not
too easy.  I did attempt to compile an unpatched copy of gcc not too long
ago with g77 included, but it failed to run properly.  I think most if not
all of us are waiting until egcs matures a bit more before really making a
decision on Fortran support one way or another.

> ghostview
> gs-aladdin
> gv

I actually almost compiled these.  The only thing that stopped me was
svgalib....which I never dealt with.

> libtiff3
> ncftp

These two I *know* are done since I did them myself :)  I just haven't
uploaded them yet because of dependency stuff.  I should have a good copy
up soon.

> octave
> oleo

I don't remember about oleo, but octave won't compile without g77.  See
above regarding that :P

> pine

Done.  I have to redo this for our new ncurses, though.

> pixmap


Most of the rest of them are things that I've compiled before.  I'll keep
this email though and start down the list soon (well, I'll do whatever the
autobuilding script didn't take care of for me).

> Why aren't they available? Is it just a matter of someone compiling
> them? Some are available in Red Hat.

Unfortunately, RedHat is a more "mature" distribution on the Alpha and far
more established.  I wouldn't doubt that we'll eventually equal, if not
better the RedHat distribution on the Alpha (rpm is really not an optimal
package tool, IMO), but there is still only a handful of us working on
this, and most with slow UDB's, so it may take some time.

> Also, which machine is beezer?

Ah, that's my machine at work :)  If you want to see what's there, ftp to:
Most of the good stuff is in the to_master directory, but there's some
other stuff sprinkled in the others too.

Let me know what you think and what you'd like me to start on.  I'd be
happy to work on something specific if a future user wants it...


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