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milo and vmlinux.gz

After I compiled a 2.1 kernel for my AXPpci33, I found that MILO
(2.0.29, from gatekeeper.dec.com) would boot it if it was not
compressed, but with the gzip'ed version MILO produced the error message 
"invalid compressed format - halting" and rebooted. 'gzip -t' doesn't
find any problem with the image.

This never happened with either of the 2.0 compressed images I used, one 
from Redhat and the other from the Oct 5 set on ftp.debian.org . Could
it be that MILO doesn't understand the compression method used by a
later version of gzip? Would the gzip -[1-9] option help? Is there a
problem using different versions of MILO and the kernel?

Does anyone have any ideas about this?

Ian Willmott
Northern Telecom
Ottawa Ontario

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