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Hi all...

Just wanted to check in and say that I've been one seriously busy guy when
it comes to package compilation.  I have been keeping up with the
debian-devel-changes list and am recompiling things as they come out now,
meaning that we're pretty well updated on alot of things that we either
didn't have before or were woefully outdated.

I'm currently recompiling the GIMP in order to get the Sane thing working
(no means to test it currently, fyi) and packaged.  I also have to try the
latest development kernel (2.1.75 as of now) since I've filed a few bug
reports on the previous ones (sooner or later, the newest stuff will
compile cleanly :P).

The only thing I wonder is if anyone has managed to compile svgalib on
their Alpha yet.  I haven't succeeded and, frankly, I'm in no hurry to
tackle the problems.  If it works and compiles, though, I need this to be
done soon since a number of packages rely on it and I'd like to start on
those.  So, any takers would be appreciated :)

That's about it.  Oh, yeah, and anyone wanting an extra Alpha for
practically nothing, I'll repost an offer for some older, slow
motherboards that are being sold off for $200 bare.  I think it had a
233MHz processor overclocked to 266 or something on it too.

That's it :)  Happy Alpha-ing :)


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