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Re: Debian on DEC 3000

   Thanks for all answers. I can't figure out if this machine has Turbo 
Channel, but if not, lets consider the following installation path which 
seems to be the most simplest and does not require any additional 
hardware like external SCSI cdrom or terminal:

1. The actual bootable disk in Alpha Station will be replaced with the 
   actually empty disk from DEC 3000. Now I have monitor, keyboard and cdrom.
2. From the SRM console let's type the command of booting from CD. 
   Question: is it possible? I.e.: does SRM console understand iso9660 
   file system? If yes, then
3. Installing neccesary software from CD.
4. Disks are replaced back, the DEC's disk returns to its machine.
5. Smoke test. And next question: does alpha kernel properly recognize 
   new hardware it will wake up with? Especially the network card which 
   most important device in that case.


 Jerzy Kakol

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