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Re: Libc6 2.0.5c has a leak in inet_ntoa (fwd)

In article <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.96.971201202132.7150B-100000@leon.lander.es>,
Roberto A. Lumbreras Pastor <rover@lander.es> wrote:
>Hi all.
>Sorry if you already have this message, but I think it is
>It seems that there is a memory leak in libc-2.0.5c.

Yep, in several routines.

>Well, now I know why the squid I'm testing in my alpha box has to
>been killed too often, and it really is doing nothing :)
>What are the plans with libc6? We are going to have a libc-2.0.6?

Yep, in fact 2 pre-versions have already been released and the source
and i386 debs are available from David Engel. I'm running squid with
libc6-2.0.6pre2 without any troubles (on a i586 tho').

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