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Re: wu-ftpd

On Fri, 12 Dec 1997, Robert Stone wrote:

> 	Just in case nobody's reported it, the alpha wu-ftpd 2.4-27 on
> ftp.debian.org at the moment does not seem to support shadow passwords.

I'm aware of this since I built the package initially :)  I am planning on
rebuilding it shortly, but can't test it unfortunately since I don't have
shadow passwords on my system.  I'll let you know when I post the fixed
version (should be soon).

> 	Should things like this be registered as a bug against the
> package, or should they go here on the list or what?

For now, posting problems that are Alpha-related here is the best thing.
Most of the maintainers don't have access to an Alpha to build their
packages on, so we end up patching them and building them ourselves.
Eventually, this will be solved with fakeroot and some "accessible"
machines for maintainers, but until then, most of them won't even know
about the Alpha packages.

>  I'm trying very hard
> to get out of the habit of just fixing problems like this on my box and
> forgetting about it.  I'd like to just rebuild the alpha package and
> ask the maintainer to consider uploading it for us, but is that
> appropriate way to address things like this?

I can rebuild it here and plan on doing it today.  I'll let you know when
it's done :)


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