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application-specific shared libs? can menu system handle this requirement ? CDROM CDROM issue conflicts with itself? couple quick questions creating libraries cvs-buildpackage archives .orig.tar.gz cvs-buildpackage experiences Debian Developer Certificate? depends field... dpkg-source broke? dpkg-source: cannot represent change Ethernet connection to Windows98 First upload gated package how to make a library? How to make a new release .deb? images in diff files ?! Install of glint x server in "install" running recursively..? lintian errors dealing with /etc/init.d files lintian problam with /etc/init.d files...(nevermind) lintian question New lintian errors "compiled-with-bad-libc usr/sbin/rrlogind" Re: New package problems pgp5 and package signing PHOENIX.RPM : REDHAT --> DEBIAN problem with libfakeroot Procmail_continued Procmail_with_debian_mentors Pseudo-solutions for versioned Provides? question about applying for maintainerhood Question about conflicts question about the BTS revokeing rights Seeking assistance/tips on building Debian! Shared libraries and symlinks Should I file a bug against "" ? should this list be renamed? solution: images in diff files ?! splitting package Strategy for packaging aspell alternate dictionaries... a stupid question about non-free Testing for existance of a file. trying to package infobot. Re: Unidentified subject! /usr/bin or /usr/bin/X11 Re: /usr/bin vs /usr/sbin Re: What to do when new version available upstream... Which are the permitions for /dev/tty? XDM headaches The last update was on 17:05 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 186 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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