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Re: What to do when new version available upstream...


	cvs-inject is merely a front end to cvs (specifically:
 cvs import -ko ; cvs export; cvs add debian; cvs commit )

	cvs-upgrade is merely cvs import.

	This is the recommended way of using CVS, AFAIK, and the
 problems with deleted files (Attic files, etc), and problems with
 renamed files are desgn problems with CVS itself.

	As to generating the list of files added and files removed
 between upstream source releases, I think I would like to have that
 as a separate command, perhaps to be packaged as cvs-changedfiles or
 something. (One could then call it at will, and maybe cvs-upgrade
 could call that as a last thing it does). I would be delighted to
 look your scripts over, and see what we can do about this.

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