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revokeing rights

Hi all...I have been meaning to do this for a while now...time
to do it.

I want to patch xfstt to give up its root privs after it has opened and
written to its database...that way, by the time it is servicing users
it is running as a user process.

My first thought was to hard cod it to at some point change its UID to
nobody...I havn't been able to make this work though :(
I really wannawrite this ..but am a bit stumped. 

How woudl you suggest going about doing this? 
My thought was a command line option to specify a username to change to...
then getpwent to find it and then set UID GID etc to it. 

What is the proper call to change UID/GID? 

is there an easy way to add this? 

btw I would apreciate a CC onm any replies...I sometimes miss list
discussions do to lack of time to read them.


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