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solution: images in diff files ?!

> But now: How do I put the additional Debian-Logo (only 2k) into the 
> diff file ???  Can I rely on the sharutils package though it is only 
> "standard" and not "essential" ?

The best solution I found for putting images or more generally every 
kind ofbinary data into the diff file is making a uuencoded file of it 
and then building a perl script as followed.

This pipes the raw binary data to stdout and you can use it in your
rules file like
   ./uu_debian_logo > $TMP/usr/share/something/logo/debian.png

read you,


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

$uu = <<'end';
begin 644 my_uuencoded_data

for (split("\n",$logo))  {
    last if /^end/;
    next if /[a-z]/;
    next unless int((((ord() - 32) & 077) + 2) / 3) == int(length()/4);
    print unpack("u", $_);

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