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Re: images in diff files ?!

Christian Hammers <ch@lathspell.westend.com> writes:

> But now: How do I put the additional Debian-Logo (only 2k) into the 
> diff file ???  Can I rely on the sharutils package though it is only 
> "standard" and not "essential" ?

Well, since the sharutils won't be used for installing the package,
but only for building it, then you may.  At the moment there's no
well-defined way to specify what packages are needed to build a given
package (Source-Depends not withstanding).

Another possibility is to rely on the libjpeg-progs package and store
the image as a text-format ppm file.

I'm glad the only images I have deal with are in xpm format (which
workd just fine with dpkg-source)...

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