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Re: cvs-buildpackage archives .orig.tar.gz

> I have a question about cvs-buildpackage.
> I was surprised to see that all of the upstream .orig.tar.gz is
> injected into my CVS repository.  I was expecting that the CVS
> repository would only hold those files modified or added for the
> debian build (only those files for which there are entries in the
> .diff.gz file).

It is meaningless to have a CVS repository which only stores modified
files: how would you know whether it was modified?  Only by unpacking
the .orig.tar.gz and then comparing.  A lot of work.

The standard (and IMHO wise) way of doing things is that the upstream
version of a package is stored in the CVS tree with the tag
upstream_version_<version | tr . _> and the Debianised version is
stored with tag debian_version_<upstream_version | tr . _>-<debian_revision>.

The advantages for a single release do not seem to be worthwhile on
the surface, but when a new upstream release is made, it can easily be
imported into the CVS tree and you can check which things have changed
between releases, and so understand how to modify your old diffs to
work with the new source if they don't immediately.  And you don't
need to keep multiple .orig.tar.gz files around for this purpose --
it's all stored in the CVS tree.

You couldn't possibly have this flexibility if you only stored the
Debian diffs.



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