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[1] shouldn't this be on debian-user?  [debian-mentors is for people
putting together debian packages that need help dealing with the
incredibly large scope that debian covers.  debian-users is for
helping people out who are trying to use debian but haven't been able
to figure something out.]

[2] how did you manage to configure your main system so it doesn't give
a reply address?  [this is an honest question -- I'm wondering if a bug
report should be filed against any package]

[3] what Debian 2.0.2?  [am I missing something?  2.0 is hamm, but what's
2.0.2?  Something based on hamm-updates?]

[4] have you tried building yourself a kernel with what look like the
appropriate config options [or are we suppose to look through those
config options for you?]?

<> wrote:
> I tried to install Debian 2.0.2, and it would not recognize my cdrom which
> is a an old Nec cd-rom drive:260 ATAPI. ...


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