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Re: CDROM issue

On Sun, 7 Mar 1999, Stuart wrote:

> I'm a Linux newbie and could use some help.
> I'm installing Debian 2.0 on a 486 with Phoenix Bios and have a much newer
> newmax 32X CDROM.
> So far, we have the Kernel installed and have a prompt.  We installed by
> making a floppy image of resc1440 from the CD and were able to use the CDROM
> to install the "base" files.
> Running dselect to install app packages from CDROM queries "enter block
> device name []: "
> We can't figure out which device name to use.  Also,  mount  doesn't show
> the cdrom (as being mounted).  Can't determine which mount arguments work
> with our cdrom.

This is [probably] an ATAPI IDE device.  Assuming your hard drive is the
first device on the primary IDE controller (/dev/hda), if the CDROM is the
slave device on the primary controller it is /dev/hdb.  The master device
on the secondary controller is /dev/hdc, while the slave device on the
secondary controller is /dev/hdd. 

> I also don't get how we were able to use the CDROM during install in the
> first place...

The rescue disk is set up to recognize it and load the correct module.
Dselect needs to know how to address it.


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