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Re: images in diff files ?!

> But now: How do I put the additional Debian-Logo (only 2k) into the 
> diff file ???    Can I rely on the sharutils package though it is only 
> "standard" and not "essential" ?

You should just be able to use dpkg-source, which will place any files
you have added to the original source tree into the diff.  This is how
all of the files in debian/ are handled.

If you do use sharutils for something, then:

You can basically use anything (in main) that you like to create and
compile the package, so long as

 - the package Depends: on anything needed at runtime, and
 - (suggestion:) you explain in the README.Debian file what extra
   packages are needed to compile the packages.

We don't yet, AFAIK, have a Source-Depends: field, but eventually this
info would go there if the building depended upon it.


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