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Samuele <samu@bo.nettuno.it> asks:

> Sorry if the subject is not one for mentors but i think you'llfind it
> interesting.  i would like to make a package for redhat to convert that
> distribution into a debian one.  the machines in which i would like to
> install are connected to the net so i can make the upgrade via apt .  i'd
> like to keep my old-redhat-/etc dir ( 'cause configurations files seems
> to be equal for the base packages) and keep the list of rpm-package (
> which i try to install in deb version where is possible ).  i thought
> that base files is in tgz format too , so first to install that and then
> make up an apt staic linked in which i'll put my old-rpm-list (but in deb
> format) to upgrade .
> Does anyone have some suggestion , or know about tools that could help me
> ?

R Garth Wood replies:

> Try alien.

No, I think the questioner wants something more: to create
`convert-to-debian.rpm' that will convert a running Red Hat system into
Debian by

1. constructing a list of debian packages that (more or less) provide the
   same functionality that the current red hat system has, and

2. preconfiguring those packages based on the red hat configuration files.

While this is an interesting thought it sounds like a rather ambitious

I suppose a viable path is to join the Debian configuration database
discussions and then write "configuration extractors" that would work for
configuration files written by hand (or Red Hat or old Debian systems


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