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RE: Pseudo-solutions for versioned Provides?

On 01-Mar-99 Brian Almeida wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to consolidate emusic into one .deb, and have no problems,
> except one - the old packages have a versioned Depends: on one another.
> I know that dpkg can't do versioned Provides...suggestions? Since this is
> unstable, is it ok if I break them, and make the users manually remove the
> offending packages?  Or perhaps release an interim set that removes the
> versioned dependencies, let that sit in the archive for a while, then upload
> the new .deb?
> Ideas?  I know some of you must have thoughts on this issue.

It is unstable only so breaking them (with notes on why and how to unbreak) is
ok.  Not great, but ok.

You could always upload the little side packages as empties and let the next
version of emusic conflict/replace them.

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