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Strategy for packaging aspell alternate dictionaries...

I am in the process of packaging various alternative dictionaries for the
aspell spell checker (currently in potato).  I downloaded the upstream
source for the alternate dictionaries and tar zxvf-ed them.  The README
says -

Aspell Alternate Dictionary Package
Version .10
January 11, 1998

This package will let you install alternate English dictionaries.  It
allows you to chose from three different varieties (american, alternate
american, and british) and four different sizes (small, medium, large,
and extra-large).

It requires Aspell .25 or better to be in your path.

1) Edit "config"
2) type in "perl master" to create the master dictionary
3) type in "perl install" to install it


I looked at how the alternate dictionaries for ispell and notice that they
have been packaged as i<language>.deb  I will probably do the same
(aamerican.deb, abritish.deb etc.).  

Should I package each language's dictionaries in various sizes (ie.
abritish_s.deb, abritish_m.deb, abritish_l.deb and abritish_xl.deb) into
seperate package (adding to the complexity of Debian due to the sheer
number of packages)?  Or should I create one package (abritish.deb) and
take care of the user choosing a size at install-time (from postinst)?  If
I do the latter, I will probably also create a /usr/sbin/aspellconfig which
could be used to change the size of the dictionary at any time.


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