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Re: creating libraries

On Wednesday 31 March 1999, at 1 h 37, the keyboard of Pedro Guerreiro 
<pguerreiro@bigfoot.com> wrote:

> Why does the Package names have a _1_ in them? 

Because you may have several versions (with different sonames) installed at 
the same time. Unlike RedHat, Debian does not allow several packages with the 
same name.

> I think the _1_ is supposed to be the soname that the debian policy talks
> about, but then it definitely should be _2_, right?

Right, but dh_make does not find it automagically. Patch debian/control by 

> OTOH, why is package cgraph1-dev referring to cgraph-dev? This package doesn't
> exist. Is he trying to 'create' a virtual package? I think I should delete
> those lines, am I right?

Read Policy 4.3, specially the beginning. There is a disagreement among Debian developers. (Should a development package include the soname? Most say no.)

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