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/usr/bin or /usr/bin/X11

i've got an X program that i'm packaging.. at present it only has an X 
interface, but that will change in later versions..

debmake decided to run configure --prefix=/usr, should i add a
--bindir=/usr/bin/X11 argument to it?

(or should i use /usr/X11/bin ?)

also whats the go with debmake vs dh_make - i saw somewhere that
debmake was deprecated and that you should use the debhelper stuff,
but debmake created a control file with Standards-Version: 2.5.0, and
dh_make with -- doesn't this imply that debmake is better?

(and the {pre,post}inst.debhelper scripts ran update-menu twice each.. 
so i went back to the debmake produced stuff)

 - Gus

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