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Re: /usr/bin or /usr/bin/X11

On Sun, Mar 21, 1999 at 09:14:32AM +1100, Gus wrote:
> i've got an X program that i'm packaging.. at present it only has an X 
> interface, but that will change in later versions..
> debmake decided to run configure --prefix=/usr, should i add a
> --bindir=/usr/bin/X11 argument to it?
> (or should i use /usr/X11/bin ?)

No, you should use /usr/bin.

The reason is following:

* You don't need to do changes if later mutliple frontends are available.
* /usr/X11R6 is reserved for X server stuff, like servers, window-managers,
  and things that come with X distribution. It should not be used for X
  applications or clients.

Unfortunately, this is not handled in a common and consistent way, but quite
a lot people prefer /usr/bin/ even for the X server stuff, too. I don't want
to argue about it, but it really makes sense for X applications which don't
come with the X distribution to stay in /usr/bin.


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