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Testing for existance of a file.

I'm the new maintainer of svgatextmode, and while tinkering with the upstream source (new version)
and I've noticed something...... Well, perhaps I'd better start at the beginning (pull up a chair)

When I first started maintaining svgatestmode, I noticed that it depends on kbd, but by default,
it's conffile (/etc/TextConfig) called fonts that kbd did not have -- console-tools-data (which
conflicts somehow with kbd, and relies on kbd-compat) contains the fonts.  *SO* I edited
debian/control as follows:

Suggests: kbd
Recommends: kbd-compat, console-tools-data
Conflicts: kbd (<< 0.92-3)

and that worked (I think) -- I never actually released this version, as there was another problem,
but I'll save that for another post -- this one will be long enough.

OK -- so I had the fonts from console-tools-data being pulled along when you decided to install
svgatextmode (I think) -- I wasn't *REALLY* happy with that (I don't know if anything else works
better with kbd, worse with kbd-compat, get the idea -- plus I don't like the 'limiting' affect)

But I was browsing the other day -- and saw that a new svgatextmode upstream was out (1-9), so of
course I got it and started working on it.  I found a few bugs, found a few things I needed to ask
the upstream, and found out in the reply that svgatextmode contains it's own fonts (at least now --
dunno about before)


1)  What I'd like to do is try removing it's depends on kbd and/or kbd-compat (at least for my trial
versions) and rebuild until it works (retesting it's deps) -- I'll leave it's conflicts in, but
I think it only depended because of the fonts -- which it contains.

2)  At the same time, I'd like to somehow run some type of test somewhere that checks for the
existance of the 3 font-files that exist in svgatextmode and in console-tools-data.  Basically,
if the user has console-tools-data installed, to leave them, but if not, to have svgatextmode
install it's versions of those fonts.  I dont know how well I explained this. hrmmm

And yes, I know -- I've heard "never remove it's depends and recommends and suggests -- but I say
"pooh!" -- if we don't clean-house once in a while, we end up with cruft! (besides, this is what
unstable is for, right?) -- (besides#2: I don't dupload unless it works on my system!)

Myth suggested putting the test in post.intst, but A) I'm not very good at scripting, and B) by
the time post.intst checks for file existance, the .deb has already put the files there, no?

Anyways, any ideas would be much appreciated.

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