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Re: First upload

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Schoepf <schoepf@informatik.tu-muenchen.de> writes:

    Thomas> A few days ago my application went through, now I am an
    Thomas> official maintainer.

Congratulation and welcome onboard.

    Thomas> The new package is ready, waiting for being uploaded.

    Thomas> But in the mail I received as an answer to my application,
    Thomas> it says, I have to wait until my public key is put into
    Thomas> the Debian keyring.  Does that mean I have to regularly
    Thomas> check out contrib/misc/debian-keyring.deb?

I'd say naaah. If it's a new package (ie, did not exists in Debian
before) then the installer program is going to 'complain' any way,
saying something like 'Package xxx is new, manual installation is
required. I/We are trying to do this a couple of times a week'...

Something like this, and when they install it, they is going to
check that/if your key is in the keyring, if not, they is probably
going to add it. If memory isn't WAY of, James Troup is both the
keyring maintainer, and is helping out in the kitchen, eh, I mean
on the FTP site... :)

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